Brian, Coach Girl Dad

Season 1, Episode 2


To get this thing started, I invited Brian, my best friend from our childhood days in Phoenix, to be the first guest. Brian currently lives in LA with his wife and their two daughters, ages 11 and 8.

Even though we live on opposite coasts and struggle to find time to even catch up over the phone, we were able to do this interview live and in person in Austin, Texas, where we met for our annual "Best Buds" trip.

I had a great time interviewing Brian. As you'll notice from background noise in the audio, we did the first part of our interview in the car on our way to San Antonio for the Spurs game and the second part of the interview at the airport while waiting for our flights

In our conversation, Brian shares some really great insights from his life as a girl dad, especially from his experience coaching his two girls' basketball teams. On this topic, I really appreciate how open and honest Brian was in evaluating his own performance as a coach. Although he's talking about coaching his daughter, what Brian shares is very relatable to the experience of parenting in general.

We also get into the topic of money and the wisdom and perspective that Brian is trying to pass on to his daughters, as well as Brian's reflections on his own dad's parenting.

Brian also shares some practical notes and perspective about how he maintains his dad bod and how he's still playing basketball in his 40s. As you'll hear, Brian's still getting LOTS of buckets, so I try to stir up some controversy to see if he thinks he should be the league MVP.