Jeremy, Ph.D-as-in-Dad

Season 1, Episode 3


Jeremy and I became friends through our kids. Even though we live just a few blocks apart, our first conversation was actually over Facetime, back in February of 2020 as we were about to go into lockdown here in New York. I've always appreciated Jeremy's perspective on things because he speaks thoughtfully and in a way that reflects his wide range of life experiences. West coast kid. East coast grown up. Full-time stay at home dad. Passionate teacher. Renaissance learner. Freelance musician. We touched on all of those in our wide-ranging conversation, so to borrow from the granddaddy of all podcasts, This American Life, we're gonna tell Jeremy's story in 4 acts:

Act 1: Mom and Dad, I'm moving. At 27 years of age, Jeremy tells his parents that he's moving to NYC. Jeremy recalls their surprising reaction.

Act 2: Balancing the equation. What does a full time stay at home dad do in the middle of a pandemic? Pursue a graduate degree in math, of course. In this act, Jeremy shares how he's balancing this new variable in the equation of life as a dad.

Act 3: Music is the model. Jeremy first started playing the piano when he was 5, worked as a freelance pianist and moved to NYC for music in his 20s, but says that he only learned to truly play the piano when he was almost 40 years old. This act unpacks the key events and incredible wisdom from Jeremy's journey as a pianist. I have to say that hearing Jeremy's story has me rethinking the way I'm approaching many areas in my life, so I hope you stick around for this act.

Act 4: In the trenches, drinking lots of beer. In this brief final act, Jeremy fulfills his sacred responsibility of referring another dad to be a future guest on the Dad Bod.