Andrew, Dim Sum Dad

Season 1, Episode 4


Not only is dim sum Andrew's favorite comfort food, it is also a great metaphor for his family story: a multigenerational family meal that gained full citizenship at the expansive culinary tables of Canada and the United states, and where values, lessons, and customs are passed with as much sincerity and fervor as the dishes themselves.

Andrew and I have been friends for about as long as we've both been dads in part because our daughters were born around the same time and have become better and better friends themselves over the years. I'm so glad that Andrew and I were able to sit down for this extended conversation because Andrew is someone I see on a pretty regular basis, but the circumstances always make it hard to go deep on the things that are going on in life and that are on our minds. As you'll hear, Andrew has some very thoughtful perspectives and visions to share on a wide range of topics that he's passionate about including raising Asian American kids, his vision for leadership being taught in the future as a fundamental skill, and of course, what's going on with his dad bod. But before we get to hear Andrew discuss those topics, we'll start with Andrew introducing himself and reflecting on his childhood, his parents, and his own dad in particular. As I listened back on my conversation with Andrew, I came away with a subtle yet powerful feeling of connection that extends from his parents - their personal histories and how they raised Andrew and his sister - to how Andrew approaches being a dad today.