Charlie, Good. Bad. Ugly. Dad

Season 1, Episode 7


I met Charlie through Carlton, Daddy’s Boy Dad, which makes Charlie the first referred guest of The Dad Bod!

Carlton gave me Charlie’s basic bio - devoted husband and father of 3 kids, two girls, ages 22 and 12, and a son age 19; professionally, he’s a branch manager at a commercial financial institution - as well as details he knows as a close friend of Charlie’s - the burdens and stresses of his dad’s declining health and the energy and ambition he’s channeling into small business side hustles.

Carlton also shared this by text: “Charlie is a great man. He supported me when my mother passed away, canceling his morning meetings to attend the celebration of life for my mother. He is a mirror of a good friend.” With the text, he included a photo of Charlie in a black suit, head bowed, next to the open casket of Carlton’s mother.

A few weeks before we would have the actual interview, I jumped on the phone with Charlie to answer some questions that he had about the interview process. “How real do you want me to be?” he asked. It was his first question and it told me a lot about Charlie and what our conversation would be like. As you’ll hear, Charlie is a great story teller. Listening to him, you can feel the powerful, unifying narrative that courses through the stories of his life as a son, a man, and, of course, as a dad.